Take flight to a new level of cultured pearl retailing. White Isle is a new brand and a new profit-generating opportunity for you. It combines the very best value on the finest cultured pearls with a dynamic marketing and merchandising program. White Isle is a brand you can feature prominently because the in-case display modules create a focused and enticing presentation of cultured pearl products. By offering White Isle in your store, you'll improve your showcase presentation, attract more qualified buyers and increase sales.

As a progressive jeweler, you need a partner who is recognized as a leader in the pearl industry. White Isle is that partner. White Isle is brought to you by Stanley L. Robin, Inc., a trusted, family-owned and operated company with roots that extend back to the 1920's. In fact, Harry Robin, the founder of the original family business, was instrumental in starting the Cultured Pearl Association of America. White Isle has close working relationships with a broad network of overseas suppliers in Japan, China and Australia.

With quality products, outstanding value, exceptional retailer support and eight decades of collective experience, White Isle is ready to help you make cultured pearls a profit center for your business.