White Isle quality and grading promotes customer satisfaction - and that promotes repeat sales.

Unlike diamonds and precious gems, cultured pearls are harvested annually. Water temperature, nutritional content, tides and rainfall amounts often result in distinctive features that can be radically different from year to year, making a consistent grading system very difficult, but not impossible.

White Isle's grading system consists of five, strictly maintained quality levels. Our lower quality pearls are designated as "P" and "B", which we offer as our promotional grades. Our middle and higher grades are designated as "A", "AA" and "AAA."

Many factors determine a cultured pearl's quality or grade-nacre thickness (cultivation), luster, color, shape, cleanliness, size, and in the case of necklaces, proper matching (sometimes referred to as the make). White Isle pledges that each of its cultured pearls, regardless of the quality grade, balances these factors to ensure beauty and durability, satisfying even your most demanding customers.