Attractive In-case Displays
White Isle's unique, in-counter, five-piece, module display is sure to attract new and repeat customers. Each elegant module features a particular type of pearl jewelry and may be purchased individually or with any or all of the four other modules. When displayed together, the modules create a powerful and comprehensive merchandising tool. The ensemble of five modules has been cleverly designed to overlap, reducing the overall footprint of the entire display.

The five modules are complementary with your purchase of White Isle inventory. It's a spectacular array of tasteful, timeless and traditional pearl jewelry and a profit-growing opportunity for you.

Elegant Gift Boxes
Your White Isle merchandising program also includes an appealing selection of gift boxes available at no cost to you. We also have other merchandising aids available from White Isle, such as statement stuffers, brochures and guarantee booklets. In addition a new, must have brochure is being created that will answer all of your customers' most frequently asked questions about pearls.